Succession Planning and Leadership Development 2018

By 2020, most baby boomers will have retired, leaving Gen Y to dominate employment, 42% of the workforce. By 2025, it’s predicted they will dominate 60%. Research says we are headed towards the biggest leadership succession time ever hence we need to plan effectively.

Succession planning strategies and leadership development skills are crucial in modern times. Not every succession plan is going to be effective in the long run; many charismatic leaders might not turn into successful CEOs. Leaders need to be developed and mentored, not just trained; the challenge is to develop critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence in potential leaders.

With this in mind our Succession Planning and Leadership Development Summit 2018 will focus on developing and retaining next generation leaders through innovative succession planning and leadership development practices. Key learning areas include:

  • Retaining talent long enough to fill out executive positions in future
  • Developing talent and people capability to build future leaders
  • Utilizing data analytics to assess employee performance

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Key Topics to be addressed

  • Reimagining Leadership Pathways for a Future Workforce
  • Reinventing Performance Management Frameworks for a New Generation
  • Building Leadership Skills through Effective Organisational Culture
  • Embracing the Changing Workforce Dynamics to Build Future Focused Organisations
  • Effectively Utilizing Technology and Key Performance Indicators to Increase Productivity and Profitability
  • Integrating Succession Planning Practices with Talent Development Strategies
  • Developing Succession Policies and Framework to Future Proof Workforce
  • Finding the Right Next CEO to Ensure Future Growth and Success of the Organisation

Why Attend?

Hear from 20+ local and global experts including CEOs, Directors, Chiefs and Global Team Leaders of Human Resources, People and Culture

Interactive sessions to increase your networking opportunities – The sessions designed to get you debating, questioning and sharing your most pressing issues around Succession Planning and Leadership Development

Top case studies from Optus, GM Holden, PACCAR, Australia Post, Bank Australia, AFSA, Groupon, Imperial Tobacco and The Star Entertainment Group and more!

A focus on Leadership Development, Talent Retention and Performance Management through Innovative Succession Planning and Leadership Development Practices

Interactive Workshops on Leadership Pathways for a Future Workforce, Retaining Talent through Development of a Progressive Organizational Culture and Developing Talent and Succession Plans

Who Will You Meet?

Chiefs / GM / Director / Head of:

  •  Chief Executive Officers
  •  Chief Culture Officers
  •  Executive Directors
  •  Heads of Human Resources
  •  Group Executives People and Culture


  •  Talent Management & Acquisition
  •  Directors of Human Resources
  •  Workforce Development
  •  People and Productivity
  •  Heads of Performance Talent and Rewards
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